Portrait Style with Aperture and Lens: Free Webinar 3/20 at 1 PM EDT

Portrait Style with Aperture and Lens

Watch our free webinar on Portrait Style with Aperture and Lens hosted by Joe Brady!

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Many photographers prefer to capture portraits based on a certain look and depth-of-field to create a sense of softness. This approach can produce beautiful results when you have a clear understanding of how the lens focal length, aperture and size of the subject in the frame affect what is in-focus and what is not. You may like to think your favorite aperture is f/4, but what does that really mean as you change lenses and the distance to the subject?

You also need to be careful of exposure as the risk of clipping highlights and shadows can ruin an otherwise great shot. Join host Joe Brady as he explores how these elements affect a portrait both in the studio and outside using natural light.

Sponsored by Sekonic, watch our on-demand webinar and after finding the best focal length and aperture for a shot, see how you can set the best numbers for that perfect exposure.

Equipment List:
1 Bowens Streamlite 530
Silver Reflector
Sekonic L-478DR
Sekonic L-308S
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Camera: Sony a-99 Camera
Lens: Sony 24-70mm, Sony 70-200mm, Minolta 50mm 1.4


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