DIT On-Set Dailies Workshop with Von Thomas 3/22 in New York

Digital Tech NYCOn March 22 AbelCine in New York will be hosting a workshop on DIT On-Set Dailies with digital imaging technician Von Thomas from 10am to 5pm EDT.

This full day workshop will give you a thorough understanding of the on-set dailies process and how you might use it on your next job.

Part 1 – Morning session

  • A firm understanding of the DIT role for dailies deliver
  • The new age of set to post relationship
  • Preparing hardware and software for an effective on-set cart
  • How to properly back up footage for TV & film production
  • Software options for checks and verification to calibrate/profile on-set
  • Using scopes valuate exposure and color
  • Live grading on set and creating LUTs/CDLs for Resolve and Scratch
  • Using a color control surface

Part 2 – Afternoon session

  • Use of the gray card for one light and camera matching
  • Advantages in using a color temp meter; calibrating / profiling your cart monitor
  • Primary color correction Scratch 8, Resolve 10, and REDCine X Pro
  • Audio syncing
  • Creating high quality files for online dailies viewing
  • Using a cloud service for dailies upload

For additional information and registration, please visit AbelCine’s website.

About Von Thomas:
In addition to being an educator, Von Thomas is a DIT and Dailies colorist, photographer, cinematographer, and digital capture expert. Early in his career, he was an advertising fashion and beauty photographer. In 2001, he opened a digital capture boutique in New York (Digital Tech NYC), later venturing over to digital cinema and becoming an instructor for REDucation. Today, he leads his own DIT On-Set Dailies workshops across the US and as far away as Ireland.


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