Adding Fill Flash for Beautiful Ambient Light Portraits – Free Webinar 4/17 at 1pm EDT

While natural light can be wonderful for portraits, adding some off-camera flash can fill in shadows, shape the face and add a beautiful catch-light to the subject’s eyes. This simple addition can change a portrait from “Ok” to “Wow”!

Despite its many advantages, many photographers from novice to professional fear adding flash to their environmental portraits because they think it will look un-natural and consistently finding the right mix remains a mystery.

Join instructor Joe Brady as he takes away the mystery of blending flash with ambient light. Once you learn to take control of your flash it will become one of your favorite outdoor portrait tools. The combination of off-camera flash and a light meter to measure flash contributions will give you complete control to craft the portraits with added shape and dimension that your clients will love.

Equipment List
Sekonic L-478DR
PocketWizard Plus III
PocketWizard Caddy
PocketWizard HSFM3 standard hot shoe
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Sony a99
Sony Lens 70-200mm
Sony External Flash / Video Light HVL-F60M
4 way reflector

Adding Fill Flash for Beautiful Ambient Light Portraits

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6 Responses to Adding Fill Flash for Beautiful Ambient Light Portraits – Free Webinar 4/17 at 1pm EDT

  1. Steve says:

    Show Link does not work!!!

    • Thanks for reaching out. Sorry you’re having trouble with the link. The Vimeo on-demand version is now available and has been added to this post, above. If you continue to have trouble please let us know and we will be glad to help further.

  2. Linda May says:

    Awesome webinar!

  3. Dottie says:

    Thanks, Joe! I am taking much better portraits now!

  4. Sylvia says:

    I have a question. I watch your videos all the time. I need more info about placement of the off camera flash. I attempted to recreate the shots you did in this video and it was a bit on the light side or like washedout. Would you give more help on that or is there a video that you have done at an earlier time that I could view.
    Thank you.

    • Phil Bradon says:

      Hi Sylvia,
      How are you measuring the ambient and flash illumination for the picture? Do you have a light meter? If washed out, you are probably adding flash exposure to a normal ambient light exposure and thus over exposing. Joe is using a Sekonic light meter that measures both the ambient and flash brightness and suggests a camera setting the actually slightly underexposes the daylight ambient and flash exposure so the portion of the subject that is illuminated by both ambient and flash is properly exposed.

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