Mixing Strobes and Speedlights on Location – Free Webinar June 24 at 1pm ET

Bowens, Sekonic and PocketWizard Present a Free Webinar: Mixing Strobes and Speedlights on Location. Hosted by Joe Brady.

As great as modern speedlights can be, there are limitations to power, consistency and recycle time. Are there times when you wish you could use all of the great light shaping tools that you use on monolights when you’re on location PLUS overpower the sun? Well, you’re in luck, because you can easily mix your “studio” lights with small speedlights to create a professional travel lighting kit.

Join host Joe Brady as he takes a single Bowens Gemini monolight on location and runs it with a small, yet powerful, battery pack. Why? Imagine using studio light shapers in the field in concert with one or two speedlites to accent and shape the light. Having power and flexibility can be an asset when shooting outdoor portraits.

To tie it all together, Joe will use PocketWizard radio triggers to fire each light and a Sekonic light meter to get it right the first time. See how easy it can be to make the light you desire anywhere and anytime you need it!

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