Successful Visual Storytelling 2 Tour Ends this Weekend in New York City

Sekonic congratulates cinematographer Alex Buono on another successful Art of Visual Storytelling Tour. Buono, most recognized for his work with Satuday Night Live for the last 15 years, wraps up his popular 32 city tour in New York City on September 18 and 20.

This hands-on workshop series focuses on lighting and shooting techniques over a full day’s worth of demonstrations. Using a deliberately limited camera kit, attendees learn about adapting the resources available to them to create a variety of distinct visual styles suiting a range of projects.

Alex Buono using Sekonic L-478D

Alex Buono using the Sekonic L-478D LiteMaster Pro meter to create a specific lighting effect.

The all-day workshop is complemented with an evening lecture on “visual subtext,” and how it can be achieved through camera movement, composition, lighting, sound design, production design, and make-up.

Last minute full day tickets are still available for September 18. Limited seating is available September 20th for the Visual Subtext evening lecture. Interested parties can register here.

For those not able to attend the tour, but still interested in the training, both the daytime workshop and Visual Subtext seminar are available as HD downloads.

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