On Set with the Sekonic C-700: LED Color Consistency

Gaffers and DP’s already have enough to worry about on set without adding color consistency of the light fixtures to the mix. Unfortunately, as LEDs become increasingly popular color consistency has become too large an issue to simply be “fixed in post”.

In this video, Director of Photography Timur Civan discusses the challenges of using LED light fixtures on set and how the Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster helps him overcome them. He also highlights a few other features that have revolutionized the way he and his gaffers work.

Timur also recaps the crucial role the C-700 played in the 2017 LED Light Shoot Out. This epic gathering of 28 lights is the most comprehensive LED fixtures test ever undertaken!

Want to know how your favorite LEDs fared? Head over to No Film School and check out the results!

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