Welcome to Sekonic’s blog! We’re wild about light, and photographers around the globe who use Sekonic. This blog is a great place to learn more about other people using Sekonic light and exposure meters, and periodic updates. Enjoy!

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EgatzrckRon Egatz has been writing profiles of photographers and filmmakers for several of MAC Group’s blogs since 2009. An award-winning writer, he is the author of Beneath Stars Long Extinct. You can connect with him at his blog, Google+, and Twitter. He writes about food with his wife Jenn at Reel Chow.

m-gertz-105M. Gertz started blogging for MAC Group in the summer of 2012. Most days, you’ll find her scouring the Web, looking for photographers who have found creative ways to use their gear. Connect with her on Google+.


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  1. richardgreatex says:

    anybody know of a splash bag for the L758 cine

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