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Kevin M. Connors’ Premiere Photography Practice

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, after high school, Kevin M. Connors headed for sunny Arizona State University as a Geology major. He did his graduate work in Education, and tried teaching for a few years. “I needed my job … Continue reading

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Marije Weterings and the Girl Next Door

The Netherlands may not be the first geographical location which comes to mind when you’re thinking about fashion photography. You also might not think a person shooting for only three years, and without formal training of any kind, would be … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Vincent Laforet on Sekonic and Light Metering

The gentleman whom many consider the forefather of the HDSLR short film revolution, Vincent Laforet, is featured in a new video on light metering as it applies to digital filmmakers. The film has just been posted to the Sekonic site, … Continue reading

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NextWaveDV Visits Sekonic at Cine Gear 2011

Tony from NextWaveDV met with Sekonic Product Marketing Manager Phil Bradon at Cine Gear 2011 and posted this piece on the NextWaveDV site. Phil explains the difference between the Sekonic L-308DC and the L-758Cine meters as to how they pertain to … Continue reading

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Sekonic’s 60th Anniversary

On the eve of our 60th anniversary in the light meter business, Sekonic continues to be committed to the needs of professional photographers and their expectations. The Sekonic brand has aspired to lead the industry by offering the world’s most … Continue reading

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L-758DR Unboxing Video

We love to see video responses to our posts. Here’s one from unboxtherapy entitled “Sekonic L-758DR DigitalMaster Unboxing & Overview + Close Ups!” It’s a thoughtful breakdown of all the goodies which come with a new Sekonic L-758DR meter. Always … Continue reading

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Chandler Through a Scanner Darkly

Anthony N. Chandler of Toronto created a blog post entitled “Through a Scanner Darkly” last week. A medium format film enthusiast, Chandler is zeroing in on perfecting his own scanning methodology. Be sure to check out the post to read … Continue reading

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Charles Silverman and the Commercial Art of Storytelling

After a 13 year stint as a musician in Boston, Charles Silverman returned to his home state of Connecticut to pursue a design career. While working as a designer at some larger agencies, he noticed a pattern when working for … Continue reading

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Branko Starcevic Measuring Light in Serbia and Beyond

Beginning his professional life as a commercial photographer in an advertising agency, Branko Starcevic is not only an accomplished shooter in several forms of photography, but within each category, his quality and style is consistent. Claiming influences upon his work … Continue reading

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December 16th 2010 Webinar: HDR Photography from Realistic to Fantastic!

HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography has been all the rage for the past year or so. There are many new tools available to the photographer to capture and process this type of image, but much of the subject still … Continue reading

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