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Christopher Grey on Greenscreens

Photographer Christopher Grey has published an excerpt on the Sekonic site from his excellent book Lighting Techniques for Beauty and Glamour Photography. The chapter Grey has reproduced on the Sekonic site details how to set up a greenscreen, light it and … Continue reading

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Press Release: Sekonic Software Update for Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7

Below is the most recent Sekonic press release. It details the release of new Mac OS X software. Sekonic Announces L-758 Light Meter Upgrades to its Data Transfer Software and USB Driver for Mac New Sekonic Data Transfer Software for … Continue reading

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Jim Zuckerman on Understanding Middle Gray

Photographer Jim Zuckerman has a new piece up on the Sekonic Web site regarding the critical knowledge of middle gray—halfway between white and black—all shooters should have. With a wide range of photographic examples, Zuckerman details how understanding middle gray … Continue reading

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