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Make Exceptional Landscapes Happen – Free Webinar 5/22 at 1pm ET

HD On-Demand – originally held 5/22/2014 Hosted by Joe Brady Landscape Photography can be a challenge for even the best digital camera. You need to use the full dynamic range of your camera and protect those all-important highlights that often … Continue reading

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Luminous Landscapes on Spotmetering

This review of the Sekonic L-608 from Luminous Landscapes is a bit vintage, but it makes some interesting and valid points about spotmetering. The article chronicles why you should be practicing this art and science today. According to landscape photographer Michael … Continue reading

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Bobbi Lane: Thirty Years of Freelance Photography

Thirty years isn’t much in plate tectonics, evolution, or changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. In the world of freelance professional photography, thirty years is a significant achievement. Bobbi Lane has been involved with serious photographic pursuits since her undergraduate … Continue reading

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